carmi longarm designCarmi Mares is a licensed professional Long Arm Services and Quilter dedicated to helping others complete their treasured collections.

Quilting Long Arm services is a fast growing business because of the demand and popularity associated with helping others complete their hard to manuever projects. 

So whether you’re new to quilting or have been quilting for years, a Long Arm service provider might just be your answer to finally finishing some projects long over due.

Ask Carmi about how you can learn how to create an income with quilting from a woman home grown in quilting with over 35 years experience.

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Carmi’s simple and practical approach will help you Finish your quilt, speed up your quilting production so you can increase your income, gain more free time and create the extraordinary life of a quilter like you’ve always wanted. Carmi has helped ladies create several dynamic and heartfelt projects to completion-ranging from simple comforters to wall tapestries, from fun to sentimental creations all to assist quilters with getting their work done and on time.

And Carmi’s work is unrivaled. It’s your chance to personally work with not just a Long Arm Expert but a truely gifted quilter. One who has been quilting her whole life from her home. She is simply the best and someone you should put on your contact list now.

My Quilting Journey:

Beginnings: It all began with a simple pieced patch quilt. I’m not sure how old I was (6 or 7) but my Aunt helped me.

First Quilt Blog pic

Hobby Time: I didn’t make another quilt until 2000. I bought my midarm in 2005 and have been quilting my own quilts since then.

My Dream Business Was Born: I have quilted a few for friends.  In 2010 I decided I wanted to make a business out of it.  I purchase all the licenses I needed and I was on my way.  I was hoping to retire soon and I want to quilt for others and have a source of supplemental income in retirement.  Now I’m retired and a professional long armer and a quilter.

Jessee top 1280x851

My passion for  blogging: A change of scene and other hobbies: I moved back home to Montana in 2014, bought a house that would house my longarm and my huge supply of fabric, notions and machines.  I grew a garden and canned lots of food.


A friend of mine built me a chicken coop and I’m waiting on the chicks until I can get the chicken area fenced.

Besides quilting, my hobbies include cooking, gardening, canning, tending the chickens, reading and photography.


On my blog, you may find stories about the garden, the chickens, my family, some recipes, a bit of quilting.

Thanks for visiting the blog.  Come back any time!

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