How My Garden Grows

I love gardening. This is my second year doing it alone and boy is it hard for one person. Nevertheless, I'm doing it. It's slower but I still get a bounty.

Tilled Garden Space

A newly tilled garden space.

Marigold Border

I planted marigolds around my garden.  They are gigantic ones.  They help with pest control.

Indoor Greenhouse

I planted a lot of vegetables and marigolds in my indoor greenhouse.  I got a jump on growing.

Pepper Washtub

My aunt gave me this washtub and I put it to use.  You can grow lots of plants in containers.

Onions, White, Red and Yellow

I had a small strip that needed to be put to use.  So I picked onions because they don't spread.  I could have planted many more in this area.  Next year...


Everything on the table is being prepped for the garden or containers.

Gardening Blog

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