Friends…Your Time To Complete Your Quilts Is NOW!

Men and Women are enjoyong creating quilts more than ever before, and for good reason: There’s never been a better time to roll up your sleeves and be inspired to create some of the most incredible quilts using all the many cool tools and patterns available to bless our lives and to excite us.

The challenge is …some will never finish their projects on time or maybe not even at all because, they simply do not have the tools or expertise to finish their large projects. Most are waiting until they find an excellent solution or someone they can trust to delicately handle their prized work of art.

It’s time to take control of your projects, leverage low-cost long arm services with someone you know, like and trust, and finish your creation so you can finally enjoy sharing your treasures with your friends and family like you’ve always wanted. This is the new quiliting model and is best suited for women who are ready to claim victory over their Quilting challenges and start enjoying the quilting heritage and the love of a warm freindly beautiful creation.

What Are You Waiting For!  FINISH Your Beautiful Quilt Today!

Long Arm Services As Easy As 1,2,3!!


Carmi is a Quilter’s Long Arm Sewing Partner to Make Life easier for those challenged by trying to complete their quilt when project become to large to handle.

Long Arm Services Provided: * Embelishment Design * Pantograms * Binding (Machine or Hand) *Pressing *Hanging Sleeve * Basting * Seaming  * Squaring up * Pieced Backs and Bats

Easy To Get Started:  STEP 1: Choose Quilt Size  STEP 2: Choose Service  STEP 3: Receive Estimate

Don’t worry about what stage you’re quilt is at, we found the easiest way to get started is to simply choose the desired size of your quilt. 

Prices are based on several factors. The size of your quilt, the service options you select and materials needed to complete project. To Simplify the estimating process, Carmi has provided standard pricing to assist you with cost projections and how to get started instructions when you engage Carmi for services.

To get started, simply click here to contact Carmi Today!  See you on the other side!


Finish Your Quilt From An Experienced Leader In Long Arm ServicesCarmi Quilts Long Arm Experts and Quilt Finishers

Carmi Mares is a licensed professional Long Arm Services and Quilter dedicated to helping others complete their treasured collections.

Quilting Long Arm services is a fast growing business because of the demand and popularity associated with helping others complete their hard to manuever projects. 

So whether you’re new to quilting or have been quilting for years, a Long Arm service provider might just be your answer to finally finishing some projects long over due.

Ask Carmi about how you can learn how to create an income with quilting from a woman home grown in quilting with over 35 years experience.

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Carmi’s simple and practical approach will help you Finish your quilt, speed up your quilting production so you can increase your income, gain more free time and create the extraordinary life of a quilter like you’ve always wanted. Carmi has helped ladies create several dynamic and heartfelt projects to completion-ranging from simple comforters to wall tapestries, from fun to sentimental creations all to assist quilters with getting their work done and on time.

And Carmi’s work is unrivaled. It’s your chance to personally work with not just a Long Arm Expert but a truely gifted quilter. One who has been quilting her whole life from her home. She is simply the best and someone you should put on your contact list now.